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John Tsagaris is at first glance an unlikely practitioner of oriental medicine. However, he has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 20 years, holds numerous qualifications and even worked in Xi Yuan & Yi Yuan Hospitals in Beijing, where he specialised in Dermatology, Gynecology, Cardiology and Geriatrics. But perhaps the most convincing evidence for his skills is the revelation of his age; he is — unbelievably — 47 years old.

John claims that the secret to his success is a combination of a healthy diet containing no wheat or sugar, a good nights sleep, plenty of water, no alcohol or smoking, and daily meditation. His understanding of the human body extends far beyond what most of us would term common sense, and this is where his TCM experience really begins to show.

The John Tsagaris Clinic is located at 59 Knightsbridge and offers a range of traditional Chinese treatments alongside innovative new treatments. These include Chinese micro needling, traditional Chinese medicine, beauty acupuncture, LED light therapy and a variety of other skin therapies. Alongside his clinic practice he also regularly appears as a guest therapist at some of the world’s leading medical spas, as well as regularly contributing to The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine as one of “Britain’s leading health and wellbeing specialists.”

His most popular treatment — LED light therapy — is one of the most acclaimed and documented treatments for signs of aging, acne, scarring and inflammatory skin diseases. Consisting of a quick 30 minute lunchtime session, the treatment is a non-evasive procedure using a high-tech special mask that emits red and/or near infrared lights that deliver low-level pulses of light up to three times brighter than the sun to activate skin cells.

The after effects of LED light therapy are clearer, healthier skin. Often described as ‘No Knife Facelift’, the therapy has health benefits beyond the immediate aesthetic changes and is currently being used for NASA’s space operations and in the American Navy as a breakthrough tool for treating skin conditions.

John’s background in TCM means that he can also offer his medical knowledge to facilitate health and treat various ailments. His clinic in Knightsbridge offers everything from Chinese herbal supplementation, traditional acupuncture, Zen Shiatsu and oriental healing — as well as skills that are harder to quantify, such as John’s unique ability to intuitively recognise health problems and his use of holistic healing techniques.

Using his experience in TCM, he is currently developing a skincare range called Skin Point Eight. This is the first of its kind in that it uses a family of botanicals called adaptogens as a main part of its natural ingredients. Adaptogens are a unique family of natural substances proven to normalise and maximise the functions of our body and our skin. John says, “The focus for Skin Point Eight is our body’s ability to adapt to all the internal and external challenges that contribute to ageing. Everyone has the potential to look and feel beautiful at any age. Not by fighting time, but by adapting to it.”

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Personal Experience by Breath Facilitator Nicola Price

What an extraordinary man! I had an appointment with John Tsagaris for an Oxygen Treatment. I was curious; having seen John’s photo, he looked ludicrously young for his 47 years.

It took 1 hour and I as mesmerised by John’s ability to focus on me and really listen, to look and tell me what he found. He is a Zen Buddhist and someone who ‘plays in the scientific framework’ with a specialty in dermatology and the ageing process — so I was all ears, and soaked up the wisdom.

The oxygen treatment formed the first part of my session, followed by acupuncture. The acupuncture that he gave me during his breathing enhanced the uptake of oxygen and relaxed me to a point of comatose.

I floated out of his Knightsbridge clinic wiser about how to look after myself and seriously chilled out, without a care in the world.

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