The Real Knightsbridge

1573 days ago

Hello, and welcome to The Real Knightsbridge magazine. We are a small team that are based in the area (on Lowndes Square, to be exact) and seven months ago we came up with the idea of “creating a metaphorical road map to the soul of Knightsbridge”. We decided that our creation would have to be an online magazine — something that overseas readers can enjoy as well as the residents — and it needed to be a significant shift away from magazines aimed at simply telling you how to spend your dosh.

We still offer plenty of suggestions on this, but what we are primarily interested in is promoting the real Knightsbridge, by which we mean, getting under the skin of the area and sharing things that are rare, interesting, unusual, or have a particular artistry that you cannot find elsewhere.

Finally, remember to check back on the website every week or so, as new content will be regularly published. Until next time . . .



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