The Real Knightsbridge

The Real Knightsbridge is an online lifestyle magazine focusing on the areas of Knightsbridge and Belgravia, London.

The magazine offers crisp writing, free thinking, and an intelligent approach to the issues and interests at the heart of the most exciting district in London. Our writing appeals to residents and habitués of Knightsbridge, engaging them through interviews, articles, and reviews on subjects as broad ranging as the arts, style, food, wine, property and fashion.

We speak only to those who possess an appreciation of taste and style, to those who thirst culture, and to those who are in a position to shape it.


Benefits of advertising online

We never considered publishing a print magazine. Our readers need us to be digital, and we are accessible to those who fly in from abroad.

  • Online magazines allow for accurate reader and demographic analysis. 
  • Online magazines never get thrown away.
  • Articles are easily shared using social media, making them accessible to a larger audience.


The Real Knightsbridge is a rare opportunity to speak to the top 1% — an influential and select audience who are attracted to brands with a focus on quality and artistry.

To apply to advertise on The Real Knightsbridge, or to request our Media Pack, please contact us


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